Far from ordinary


My interest for visualization is as high as it gets. It's as much as a passion as it's a profession. Quality is always my aim and something I guarantee. By experience I've learned to adapt the visualizations by my client’s needs where the product you receive is far from ordinary.

That my clients are satisfied with my work means everything for me. You are my ambassadors which I take great care of. The payment is safely done after you've received the images and feel pleased. Of course, I also offer competitive prices.


A high-end visualization like the ones you find at "START" usually takes a day and a half to produce. To tell the exact time I need to know what to illustrate. I also need to see your work material that's going to be used. If you want several visualizations from the same area or room, the remaining images takes less time to produce. Please send an enquiry with your work material attached to get a more exact price to: info@akilles3d.se or call +46704771833.


1. Agreement
After both parties have an agreement about the project details, the work materials like plans, drawings or models will be sent to Akilles3D.

2. Modeling
The 3D-modeling starts. Suggestions about camera angles and some simple/basic materials will be added in the scene.

3. First inspection.
You'll receive the first draft. Now we establish the camera angles and what details you want to be shown and adjusted until the next inspection.

4. Visualization
The quality of materials and lightning are getting more accurate. Objects like furniture and trees will be added in the image.

5. Second inspection
Now the images should almost be done. We brief about the entire images and establish the final changes you want to be done.

6. Delivery
All the changes have been made and usually a "final touch" is added to give your visualization a perfect finish. The product will then be sent to you, usually by email.